Tungsten Carbide

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten carbide also named tungsten cemented carbide, tungsten sintered carbide , hard metal, wear part. Its general definition of tungsten carbide is described as: Tungsten cemented carbide is an inorganic chemical compound which contains equal numbers of tungsten and carbon atoms. It can be pressed and formed into shapes from fine gray powder, which is considered to be its most basic form. The applications of tungsten cemented carbide are widely reflected in industrial machinery, wear resistent tools, abrasives as well as men' s jewelry.

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Main Properties of Hard metal:
Excellent Hardness: 86~93 HRA, which equal to 68~81HRC;
Excellent hot working performance: Hardness could be remained at 60 HRC under 900~1000 ℃
Excellent wear resistance;
High cutting speed;
Long service life
Following pictures show some major products of tungsten carbide.

tungsten carbide rodstungsten carbide buttonstungsten carbide barstungsten carbide plates

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