Tungsten Carbide Coating

Tungsten carbide coated tool has become a modern symbol of the cutting tool. The proportion of using tungsten carbide coated tool is more than 50%. Currently, tungsten carbide coating process can be used for improving the working performance of many different kinds of cutting tools, like the use of a variety of cutting tools, including turning tools, boring tools, drill bits, reamers, broaches, taps, thread chasers, rolling head, milling, shaping tools, gear hobs and gear shaper cutters, etc.

Tools can be resurfaced not replaced
Increased gripping power
Carbide coating increases tool life
Treatment cost a fraction of replacement tooling
Decreases downtime
Tungsten carbide coating surface hardness is up to 74 RC
Excellent uniformity
No thermal distortion due to the low heat input process
True metallurgical bond
Carbide coating will not chip, peel or flake
In most cases clamping pressure can be reduced
Increase machining rates with additional gripping power
Tools can be accurately masked off
Increase or decrease the coefficient of friction

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